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Heritage Futures at the 2018 Association of Critical Heritage Studies conference

Heritage Futures research team members will be convening and presenting at the following seven sessions at the 2018 Association for Critical Heritage Studies conference at Zheijang University in Hangzhou, China from 1st-6th September.

2nd September

Session 002: A Critical or Not-so-critical Force? Borders of Critical Heritage Studies in Practice
Co-convened by Harald Fredheim.

3rd September

Session 101: Toolkits across Borders: Assembling Methods-futures for Critical Heritage Studies
Convened by Dr Jennie Morgan, Dr Sefryn Penrose, and Dr Sarah May, with a position paper by Harald Fredheim.

4th September

Session 089: Unsustainable Heritage? Change and Adaptation across Borders
Convened by Dr Rodney Harrison, with papers presented by Robin Raxworthy, Dr Nadia Bartolini and Dr Caitlin DeSilvey (joint) Dr Sarah May and Professor Cornelius Holtorf (joint), Dr Sefryn Penrose and Professor Rodney Harrison (joint), and Antony Lyons

Session 035: Borders of Expertise and Professionalisation
Co-convened by Harald Fredheim. Kyle Lee-Crossett will be presenting a paper.

5 September

Session 003: Traversing Disciplinary Borders – Theories, Methods and Ethics for Interdisciplinary Critical Heritage Research
Co-convened by Harald Fredheim.

Session 090: Heritage and Posthumanism
Co-convened by Professor Rodney Harrison. Affiliated Researcher Dr Esther Breithoff will be presenting a paper jointly with Professor Harrison.

Session 016: Applied Heritage and Research across Sectors to Create Social Change
Professor Cornelius Holtorf will be presenting a paper.

As ACHS 2020 Conference Chair, Rodney will also announce details of ACHS 2020 biennial conference to the conference’s general assembly on the 4th of September. The AHRC Heritage Priority Area will co-organise the conference, which will take place in London at University College London from 26th August-30th August 2020 and be organised around the broad theme of “Futures”. Further details about the ACHS 2020 conference are available on the Association of Critical Heritage Studies website.