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Associação Transumância e Natureza (ATN) is a non profit environmental NGO, created in 2000, at Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Guarda District, in the northeastern part of Portugal. The name comes from an international foundation (Transhumance and Nature Foundation), which was one of the founders. The name is a reference to the extinct activity of transhumance – an old tradition of shepherds, who brought the flocks of sheep a long way, in order to take advantage of pasture land at different altitudes and times of the year. Owning around 800 hectares of land at the Côa Valley, ATN is the manager of the Faia Brava Reserve, the first private protected area in Portugal, located inside the Côa Valley SPA (Natura 2000) and the Côa Archaeological Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site). ATN owns and manages several other reserves in the Northeast of Portugal and is the Portuguese local partner of the Rewilding Europe initiative. Our researchers will work with Association of the Friends of Côa Park and Côa Museum (ACOA) to study the objectives of a large-scale rewilding project, with specific attention to the management of (abandoned) built heritage within the designated area.